Character Allignment

Sandwich Cuts
Which are you?
Diagonal Cut – Lawful Good This is standard. From restaurants to gas station egg salad, the diagonal is nearly universally agreed upon as the way it should be done. Corners allow easy bites and dipping potential Horizontal Cut – Neutral Good Though diagonal is generally preferred, horizontal remains good, in so far as slicing by width is an acceptable standard for both sandwich bread and long bread (subs, hoagies, etc). This is my mom’s prefferd cut. Triangles – Chaotic Good The standard clubhouse cut is just two diagonal cuts. It’s one too many which is chaotic, but clearly still good for aesthetics and manageability Squares – Lawful Neutral This is acceptable, equal, and technically correct. To call it good would be a big stretch. This follows the rules but doesn’t really care about them. Uncut (whole) – True Neural This is a sandwich. Just eat the sandwich. Vertical – Chaotic Neutral None of this really matters, do whatever you want. Sure, both sides are equal, but have you ever seen a sub cut lengthwise? I have. It’s jarring.
Like flying a kite at night
Crust Cut Off – Lawful Evil While technically acceptable, way more effort than nessecary, and usually exploitative to the maker. Who cuts crust off their own sandwich? It’s almost always done for someone else. And before to come at me with Katsu sandwiches, they would still be Katsu without the crust off aesthetic. Folded Over on Itself – Neutral Evil The rule of sandwich doesn’t even apply. This shows not only disregard, but malice towards the proper construction. In Three – Chaotic Evil Some people just want to watch the world burn.

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